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"My Growth Geek literally tripled our lead volume in 6 weeks with qualified couples, which we started booking 2-4 new contracts per month from. That's an increase of $10-20k per month profit for me!" - Giselle Hindley Wales, Venue Owner, Casa Lantana

Welcome to My Growth Geek, the only dedicated marketing agency for Wedding Venues.

Kiss goodbye to only getting leads from WeddingWire and the Knot. We deliver sales results or your money back. Here’s the 5-step process:


We book a 30-minute discovery call to learn about your current sales and marketing challenges. 


We get to work and deliver a full ready-to-launch Google Adwords strategy plan within 2 weeks of our call.  


We put the plan into action and start delivering new leads directly to your website to book tours. 


We review your ads performance and make improvements so your budget goes further overtime. 


If we aren't delivering after 30 days we give your money back. 

Why our solution stands out

We have deep industry knowledge

One of our founders ran a successful wedding venue for over a decade and exited for 7 figures. We know what it takes to run a highly profitable venue and how to get you the results you want without adding to your plate as a venue owner.

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We deliver results quickly 

We know you're busy and your marketing budget is tight. We want you spending on things that produce insane results. Our goal is to only have clients who benefit from our service, which is why if we don't produce results in 30 days we give you your money back and close our contract. 

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We're the gift that keeps on giving 

Month over month, even in your off season, we deliver leads to your website so that you can book more tours and ultimately more contracts. We even ramp our costs down in your off season to accommodate your reduced cash flow. 

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Get a growth geek working for your venue now so you can start signing more contracts!

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